Good Spirits. Delivered.

Reserve Bar is the industry leader in spirits delivery and gifting, offering both consumers and companies convenient access to many of the most distinctive and respected spirits brands on the planet.

Reserve bar also ships wine and beer, as their rapid growth continues to expand their offerings and consumer access to the most distinctive brands in the beverage industry, whether you're gifting, entertaining, or enjoying adult beverages in the comfort of your own home.


Brain-Based Mental Health Literacy and Resilience

Pathways to Empower enables educators to teach basic concepts about wellness and the brain, providing a foundation for any lessons about healthy choices. Therefore, Pathways can serve as an introduction for any health and wellness program.


Kindred Us

We are the most connected society in the history of the world... yet we are the loneliest and most isolated society in the history of the world.

KindredUs connects people with mutual interests and goals. Our members share private, 1-on-1 conversations, form authentic relationships, and support each other so they can achieve their objectives together.

We believe we can tackle many negative aspects of society's most significant issues through mutual support, accountability and resilience. These include obesity, depression, anxiety, tobacco, alcohol and opioid addiction, divorce, chronic illness, eating disorders, elder care, veteran care, recidivism, and many more.



Science has proven that grades and standardized test scores have low correlations to success, happiness and self-actualization in college and adulthood. At the same time, social and emotional intelligence, inclusive of mindfulness, empathy, resilience, self-awareness, self-regulation, relationship skills and responsible decision-making are strongly associated with positive transitions into adulthood. These "21st century skills" are critical to a healthy journey through the college experience, the workforce, and adult relationships.

Unfortunately, many aspects of our education system, combined with the way we parent today and the omnipresence of social media all conspire to reduce the development of these skills... the very skills that are essential to becoming an independent adult.

RiseEQ is combining an innovative curriculum with an experiential, family learning approach to support social and emotional learning, workforce preparedness and mental health, building a future where every child is better equipped to become the best possible version of themselves.



The Power of Positive Influences

Our unique approach matches amazing High School students, athletes, musicians and artists with elementary and middle school students based on shared interests and compatibility.

Our mentors quickly become someone your child looks up to.

Their positive reinforcement and support helps improve study habits and grades, capability in sports and extracurricular activities, and supports development of the skills they need navigate the social challenges they will face both in and out of the classroom.


Crowd-Powered Video

Our phones are more powerful than ever, but the the way we enjoy, share, and create videos on them simply hasn't caught up.

Our unique platform enables sharing of synchronized video shot at sporting events, concerts, weddings, performances, or any type of event where multiple people are capturing the action with their smartphones. Through our unique technology, everyone can easily create and share multi-camera angle videos that are significantly better than videos with a single perspective.

Crowdflik patents cover a variety of video integration and synchronization processes and methods. Crowdflik is pursuing a variety of consumer, B-to-B and government, military and police applications for our patented video-synchronization platform via our API and SDK..


Ship Bottom Brewery

Creating outstanding craft-brewed beer for LBI, NJ and beyond

​Long Beach Island is a special place, with one of the most amazing beaches in the northeast combined with a lifestyle and vibe that is distinctly its own. A place this special deserves its own beer, handcrafted from the finest local ingredients, and brewed with the same passion and dedication that visitors and residents have for swimming, surfing, fishing, live music, and of course, kicking back and relaxing with family and friends.

Come in for a pint or a "Wave" (our version of a flight), or look for our cans in your favorite local store. If they don't have Ship Bottom, ask them why the heck not?!

Hello Sponsor

Next Level Events and Sponsorship Management

Hello Sponsor is a custom SaaS that streamlines event work flow, reduces labor and improves logistics management through automation, and dramatically improves reporting and CRM/Sales integration. In addition, the platform is aggregating the most comprehensive database of events, sponsorships, and conferences in the U.S. and soon the world.

At the same time Hello Sponsor improves activations, execution and ROI for both event producers and sponsors, the platform will soon enable both sides of the marketplace to move from today's suboptimal selling/buying process to a far more strategic approach more consistent with the deployment of the rest of the marketing mix. Think along the lines of an upfront for events and sponsorships, with robust metadata and analytics.

The future of brand development is in experiences, and Hello Sponsor is leading the way.

AMPED: Woodstock

Art. Music. Technology. Culinary.

An iconic elementary school, nestled in the vibrant community of Woodstock, NY, is undergoing conversion into an artists' enclave, where we welcome inspired individuals and small businesses to pursue creative endeavors on the campus of this visionary facility.

The approach is simple... offer creative education and vocational training in the same facility as small businesses that utilize those same talents and competencies. What will this accomplish? We don't know exactly, but it is bound to be awesome, and that's the whole idea!


Advanced Color Search API

​Searching by color on the web today typically involves using  a search engine, which has many shortcomings primarily due to the use of text-based search. Custom coded solutions in e-commerce typically use rudimentary technology and lack robust database integration and faceted search . The ColorOf API enables highly accurate color search whether it be at the individual pixel level, color compilation, or sophisticated palette-based color matching.

The technology is both revolutionary and patented, and enables consumers to accurately shop by color across an entire e-tail/retail landscape, maintain customer-level color preferences, track data on color trends, and optimize product recommendation algorithms in retail categories such as fashion, cosmetics, home improvements, interior decorating, as well as industries such as textiles, manufacturing, dentistry, and many others.

Totem Power Inc.

Smart Power Designed for People

Totem Power combines the most advanced solar generation/storage technology in the industry with spectacular design that integrates with the functional and esthetic needs of communities, cities, and business today... as well as envisioning and satisfying the needs of tomorrow. Get ready for revolution in what power means around the world!

Currently in stealth mode, you're sure to hear about Totem Power as a leader in sustainable energy and the future of "smart utility."


​Luxury Salon Suites

Salons by JC helps individuals in the salon industry realize their dream of owning their own business. By building 5,000 - 10,000 sq. ft. salon facilities with suites tailored to the needs of the individual stylist, colorist, esthetician, massage therapist, nail technician, or other salon professional, we enable them to take charge of their careers, their income and their destiny. Each facility features modern architecture and high-end finishes along with with an onsite concierge to greet clients and ensure an exceptional experience. Salon professionals can operate their business in a stunning, first-class environment, within a fully-customizable room that is right-sized for an individual practitioner (or for two to share). They are empowered to paint and accessorize their room just the way they like it, use and sell products and brands they prefer, and we take care of the hassles of running the business so the can focus on providing a more personalized experience their customers are sure to appreciate.